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Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
that protesters have been harassing anyone going into the clinic. the group doesn't believe it's breaking any laws by setting up just outside of the clinic's entrance. there's already a law that requires protesters to stay at least eight feet away from anyone's clients or workers entering a clinic. the group called 40 days for life is a nationwide anti-abortion group but san francisco supervisor david campos says that law, the current law, is not being enforced. >> the effort here is to really strike the right balance between the rights that people have to express themselves and the right balance of people, the right they have to access health care including reproductive health. >> we're not going away. anything that saves lives, saves babies is obviously bad for business because planned parenthood is the big baby killing business so we're here to save lives. >> so instead of current eight-foot rule, campos will introduce legislation to create a 25-foot buffer zone around the planned parenthood facility. >>> the oakland police department is rolling out a new way to fight crime. the department's ch
Mar 13, 2013 5:00pm PDT
dropped all charges despite the judge's conviction. it's legal under military law, but legislation is now in the works that would change that. pentagon officials admit a review of military law is needed. >> there is something that seems odd about the power to reject findings that came out of a jury. >> congresswoman jackie spear is praise thing new legislation. she's been a big critic of the military's handling of sex assault cases. the killer was accused of rape twice in the military, but he was discharged from the military instead of prison. if military law had been different, the shooter might still have been in prison. >>> today, the dow closed in positive territory, marking the longest winning streak in 16 years. the dow finished up for the ninth straight day. take a look at the numbers. the dow up just five points but enough to set a record. the nasdaq and s&p also lineup. retail stocks jumped on a report of increase in consumer spending. >>> police are looking for two people accused of beating a woman and stealing her purse. these are pictures of the two suspects. they got off at t
Mar 12, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. >>> save the mobile home park. it's not a slogan you usually hear in palo alto. but that's what two law firms are asking city leaders to do. we're live in palo alto with the reason why 400 people could be evicted. >> reporter: the reason is simple. this mobile home park may be for sale soon. it's located just off of el camino real and surrounded by an upscale neighborhood. but for some of the people living here, it's the only place they know. >> when i first came i was gainfully employed. >> reporter: that was eight years ago. now mahher job says it requiresr to be on job. and this is only adding to her stress level. >> if i'm out of here, i won't be able to retire. >> reporter: she is one of 400 low income and disabled residents who could soon be evicted from the only mobile home park in palo alto. the property's owner filed paperwork with the city which says he plans to sell the park to a land developer. that developer wants to put an upscale apartment complex on the property. that would put some residents with nowhere to go. >> i usually get like $900 a month and the rent is $1,000.
Mar 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
against former president george w. bush alleging the war violated international law. >>> a tragic military accident near reno, nevada, an explosion during a training exercise has killed seven marines and injured several more. military officials say a mortar exploded as it was being set off during a live fire training exercise at the hawthorne army depot. last night's tragic accident has prompted a worldwide moratorium on the specific weapon until it's been determined that weapon is safe enough to continue using. >>> bitter disappointment for dianne feinstein, her bill which creates a national ban on assault weapons was removed from the gun control legislation set to go before the full senate next month. senate majority leader harry reid told feinstein the ban will be offered as an amendment. experts say it had little chance of passage. feinstein awe co-authored the ban that expired after ten years. >>> there were gasps in ohio courtroom as a confessed high school shooter insulted his victims' families by flashing them his middle finger. he also removed his button-down prison overshirt to r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4